The episode opens up with Baby Rambo being rushed into the hospital emergency room, as he's near death. He is then among some concerned faces, who are concerned about his survival. However, it's due to the prompt work of Ichiro and his team, that Baby Rambo, manages to survive initially. Rambo soon enough, regains consciousness in his medical center room, as he is being watched over by the beautiful nurse, Lily Larimar. Ichiro is quite surprised by his recovery, and is quick to look over his body. Unfortunately however, the results for him are still grim. This as, Ichiro says that Rambo will soon be dying. He does not have very much longer left to live. It is a fact that Rambo overhears, and it sends him into a desperate panic. Rambo says repeatedly that he does not want to die. Although with that said, Ichiro is blunt, saying that there is nothing that they can do. It is then, that baby Rambo looks to Lily for help. He says that as he is to die, he wants she to give him one, last and final memory. This, as he proposes the idea of having sex with her before he dies. This is a proposal that catches Lily off guard, as she does not quite know how to answer. Ichiro the head doctor. Is quick to put a stop to it, saying absolutely not. However, after thinking about it, he reconsiders, only he would put himself into the mix, as well, saying that all three of them should have sex. So that is how a sexual encounter between the three of them would begin. Ichiro would go on to ask Lily about her name, saying that it is the meaning of "pure white". He even stops to say that her fingernails were such. This before making his way up her arms as he kiss them. Eventually however, the two men would go on to suck on her sensitive nipples together. They would also go on to discover her underarms, and proceed to sniff them together as well. This prior to Ichiro going down in between her legs taste her pussy. Following this however, Lily would go on to return the favor. As she would suck the cock of Ichiro. This, with it not be long before she would include the cock of Baby Rambo as well as, she would effectively trade-off on each of them one by one prior to lastly rubbing them across her nipples to stimulate them. However, Baby Rambo the patient, would get anxious as he would next take Lily from behind from the doggy position. It would be from here, that Rambo would continue with that pace that is increasing, Beginning slowly only picking up speed and firmness over time. Before long Rambo is fucking Lily hard. After the dog position Ichiro would get his chance, as Lily would saddle and ride him for the cowgirl position. It's from here, that she was bounce slowly, only momentarily being slammed down hard briefly, before reverting back to the slower pace. However, when they eventually, slightly change the positioning on the bed, Lily would once again ride hard for another brief time. Lily would remove the Ichiro's tie, and dress shirt prior to she planting her feet in order to remain stationary to allow he to fuck her. The end result would soon be a pounding, As we see Ichiro drill her hard. Baby Rambo would next once again have her in the doggy position where he would once again, go on to increasingly fuck hard. The position would even see itself going to the upright standing variety for a time. It being before Ichiro would soon take over. He would first have Lily in a modified version of doggy, while he have his feet planted on the bed as he sit upright to fuck. That however would result to a reverse cowgirl position, and then having Lily spin around for the standard cowgirl positioning, that would soon see it going to standing cowgirl, overall. It would be during this, that he would spin her around a couple of times in tornado fashion while he act additionally "psycho". It all however end up on the bed, with Ichiro on his back as the action goes to standard cowgirl once again, from the bed. This only lasting very briefly, as Ichiro would flip Lily on her back for missionary. It would begin with he thrusting forward very briefly. This, until he takes his fingers and takes notice of just how much he and Rambo have both stretched out Lily's pussy, as he pull it apart. Next up, Rambo would take over in the missionary position as he begins with the straightaway approach, only to change it up doing the push-up approach, after as he slams his cock in deep and hard for a time. After this, Ichiro would have his way with her in the doggy position. It would be here that he to work to increase his pace, going on to completely nail Lily's pussy as hard as he can, and she loves it. The position would be in the upright eventually, were Lily would squirt. After this, she would find herself at the opposite end getting the same from Rambo. This, prior to Ichiro having her in both front facing spoon as well as regular spoon, prior to the two men finding themselves straddling Lily from both ends. Ichiro, as he continues to penetrate her, and Rambo as he straddles Lily's face as she is force-fed his cock. Eventually, Ichiro is hanging upside down off the bed, as he continue to do the deed. Rambo would soon have Lily in the doggy position, as she have one knee down on the bed, and the other one, up in the air. He would also fuck Lily hard from here, as she simultaneously deep throat Ichiro. However, Ichiro would have Lily next in the missionary position, where he would soon finish. He going at a quick pace, he would fuck hard, This, until he must cum. He doing so deep inside of her. Soon enough, Baby Rambo would follow doing the exact same thing, assisting with the end as the scene concludes with a double interracial creampie finish!
Tony arrives at the hospital and unluckily he is highly ill. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the overseeing doc has no idea how to handle him. He has attempted everything and just cannot come up with a diagnosis. He has the assistance of a female doctor, but nevertheless the two of them only end up making matters worse by getting into an argument. The female doctor is quick to dismiss the male doctor's work, citing. his less than stellar track record. One, even including the death of several patients on account of his negligence. However with that said, he still pleads his case. This as the female doctor looks to make her own diagnosis. However,. like her counterpart, she too is unable to pinpoint Tony's exact cause of illness. It only causing the disruption between the two doctors to get become worse. It's so bad, that the arguing manages to get the attention of another doctor in Mio Shido, who vows to treat Tony, while ushering the two doctors out of the room, leaving she alone with him. It's then that Mio goes on to give treatment to Tony, with both her stethoscope, as well as her hands. She checks his body to see if he is experiencing any pain. He is a little, he says. This as she continue examining, making her way down, after she has him remove his T-shirt. It doesn't take her long to find a special area of interest - Tony's black cock! Which she is then quick to massage, from over his pants. However that is just not enough, as Mio must get a closer look, as she go on to remove his only remaining article of clothing. It's after this that she herself is greeted by a hard cock, as she would go on to oversee treatment of a sexual kind. A special kind of the treatment, which just so happens to also include a creampie conclusion!
This interracial scene, takes place at a insane Hospital, where the physicians on staff are in the midst of the power struggle, as one attempts to outdo the other. Case and point, Dr. Goto has abruptly collapsed following an attack by a boy doctor, Dr. Sakuragi. Dr. Lutro and nurse Yuzu, have been assigned to watch over Goto. However, it isn't long before Goto awakens from her slumber. She does not know what went on, as she is feeling lightheaded. She believes that they have been a rise in her blood pressure. However nonetheless, Goto quickly arises as she has patient to see, she says. This would of course, leave the doctor and the nurse alone, together in the empty room. It actually giving Lutro enough time to confess his true feelings towards Yuzu. The buildup isn't much, as this sees they going into kissing. It would lead to Lutro having Yuzu on the bed on her knees, with her butt in the air. This, as Lutro would be busy burying his face into her pussy from over her blue panties. They would soon come off however, as Lutro then proceed to finger bang the pussy nice and hard. Yuzu would then go on to suck cock, as she is surprised by the size of it initially. They would soon end up in a 69 position, which is followed by the position of a reverse cowgirl, as we see Yuzu bounce steadily. After this, we would see positions such as missionary, standard cowgirl, and full straddle doggy. We also see the position of the lazy dog, as Lutro straddles Yuzu's backside to pound it in deep and hard. The last position, would be another instance of missionary, where Lutro is fucking at an even pace. So it does not take him long to cum from here. The scene, and missionary end with Lutro depositing a nice load into Yuzu's pussy, thus making a creampie for the finish!
Jasmeen LeFleur is a single, successful, beautiful lady who wants nothing more in life than to have her own child. She doesn't want to date or get married. She just wants to elevate a child on her own. She's tried countless methods of artificial insemination and nothing has worked. She has heard that Dr. Mandy Mitchell has a very high success rate for her patients. She has heard that Dr. Mitchell has some old-fashioned yet reliable methods to get her patients inseminated and Jasmeen is willing to do whatever it takes to have her baby. Dr. Mitchell must perform her standard examination by listening to Jasmeen's heart, smelling her soles and checkout Jasmeen's know...the normal stuff. Dr. Mitchell can tell from licking and smelling Jasmeen's feet that she is a very healthy woman. another perk of having beautiful, healthy feet is that it get's Mitchell to get a really hard erection so that the Dr. can take Jasmeen's temperature with her cock. Jasmeen is completely shocked after having her eyes closed for the monitoring of her temperature and then opening them to find that she has Doctor cock in her mouth, especially since her doctor is a hot lady. Jasmeen knows this is all part of the procedure so she eagerly sucks Mitchell's cock. The two lovely ladies get naked and begin the full procedure using one hole at a time starting with Jasmeen's mouth. The Doctors knows that Jasmeen needs to have her ovaries stimulated properly and the only way to get that done is to go in anally. Dr. Mitchell gets Jasmeen bent over in doggy style and fucks her asshole until it's gaping wide open. A good Wide gape is a sign that the ovaries are ready to take the seed. Without hesitation, Mandy primes Jasmeen's pussy to take the load. They fuck good and hard, kissing each other passionately to increase the efficacy. Jasmeen is ready to take the big hot load from the Doctor. The doctor climbs on top of Jasmeen and folds Jasmeen's body just right for the insemination. The Doctor bursts a hot creampie load into Jasmeen's pussy and gets her pregnant right there on the spot