John Price is attempting to get a few more minutes of sleep, but his girlfriend Stacy Bloom has other ideas/ Dressed in a sheer bra and thong, she crawls into couch and fumbles John on the head until he wakes up. As shortly as he lays eyes on the stunning hottie before him, John is awake and certain parts of him stand to instantaneous attention. Peeling the bra down, John buries his face against Stacy's chest so he can devour her tender breasts. Her nipples are soon hard peaks as John feasts on the tender peaks, indulging both his mouth and his hands with their bounty. Laying Stacy down on the bed, John continues his oral exploration of her lush body until he reaches the heart of her desire. His tongue and fingers work in tandem to bring Stacy to a fever pitch. When John gets to his feet on the bed, Stacy has her first chance to do some giving. She takes advantage, getting to her knees and using her hot little hands to guide John's fuck stick between her lips. Sucking him off with every evidence of pleasure, she keeps it up until their explosive chemistry demands something more hardcore. Getting on her hands and knees, Stacy invites John in from behind. His long dick fills her to the brim as she throws her head back in ecstasy. She moves up slowly, changing the angle of penetration as her back hits John's chest. Then she leans forward once again so he can ride her hard with powerful strokes. John takes his turn laying down in bed next as Stacy climbs on top. She slides down onto his fuck stick, then wastes no time in kicking off a lusty ride. Her titties bounce on every stroke as she slides her hand between her thighs to rub her own clitoris and double down on her pleasure. Falling to her side, Stacy lifts one leg to let John turn over with her. Their spooning sex is deep and loving, especially as Stacy cups her own breasts and squeezes them to the beat. Things only get better when Stacy re-mounts John's fuck stick and rides him until her moan of completion fills the room. Taking a short break to suck John off, Stacy regroups for one last climax. She achieves it as John kneels between her thighs, bringing her home with long strokes that hit all the right spots. Then John gets back on his feet so Stacy can bring him to his finish line with her hands and mouth until at last he explodes all over her generous chest.
In this flash scene, American performer Hazel Moore is back to mesmerize. and that is exactly what she does. This, as the kimono clothed Hazel, finds herself flanked by 2 Japanese performers, in Ichiro, and Baby Rambo. They both cling onto her body immediately, as they inspecte with their hands. Eventually, both of them would go on to suck on Hazel's nimble nipples. This, before Ichiro himself becomes quite enamored with the look of Hazel's pussy. He adding a little comedy to the situation, making a pair of 5:4
In this flash scene, American performer Hazel Moore is back to mesmerize. and that is exactly what she does. This, as the kimono clothed Hazel, finds herself flanked by 2 Japanese performers, in Ichiro, and Baby Rambo. They both cling onto her body immediately, as they inspecte with their hands. Eventually, both of them would go on to suck on Hazel's nimble nipples. This, before Ichiro himself becomes quite enamored with the look of Hazel's pussy. He adding a little comedy to the situation, making a pair of "glasses" with his hands, as scope out the pussy that is before him. He even going as far as to sniff Hazel's brunette bush. Shortly after he getting a good whiff of Hazel's scent, the two guys position Hazel on the bed. It's here, that her legs are spread as Ichiro goes on to get a better look at her pussy, as he open it up with his fingers. Before long, we would see both of the guys jamming one of their fingers deeply into her simultaneously, and at varying speeds. Ichiro and Hazel would then makeout, as Baby Rambo, chooses to go up under Hazel, to eat at her pussy. It's from here, that Hazel would eventually go down to suck on Ichiro's cock, however, it isn't long before she goes on to suck and stroke on each of the men, as she alternate between them, while sucking and then simultaneously stroking them, with one hand being overhand, and the other underhand. After this, Ichiro gets under, as he takes Hazel into 69. It's during this time that she would also trade-off on sucking Baby Rambo's dick as well. Eventually, Baby Rambo however, would come around the back to fuck Hazel from behind the doggy, at this time. It's after this, that Ichiro would do the same, as Baby Rambo again positions himself in front of Hazel. The fucking in doggy would see him eventually going harder into Hazel's pussy. She soon in a more upright position to take the dick. After this, Hazel would next go on to ride Baby Rambo's cock in the cowgirl position. This, as Ichiro's position is on his back besides them. This giving Hazel the opportunity to also stroke his cock, while she rides the other. Ichiro would quickly get to his feet to allow Hazel to suck him off. However, this is brief, because she continues to bounce on Baby Rambo, as Ichiro come around behind her and assists in slamming her down on the cock, Baby Rambo would then fuck Hazel from behind for a time, until it is Ichiro who sits stationary, as Hazel throw her ass back on the dick. This lasting, until Ichiro himself ending up fucking her from behind the doggy. The position would see Ichiro take it up in the lazy dog variation, where he go on to fuck her hard and fast from the position. Baby Rambo would then have his chance of taking her from behind the doggy on his own. It's during this, that Ichiro would provide Hazel with hs cock as he straddle over her back. After getting her from behind in doggy, we would see Baby Rambo reversing himself, as he bend his dick back, as he continue to dip into the pussy, with an unorthodox move. After this, Ichiro would go on to copy Baby Rambo, only Ichiro would eventually end up in his reverse Superman pose as he props his feet on the headboard of the bed, while thrusting into Hazel, at a very fast pace. The two guys next both have Hazel in doggy. Ichiro at one end and Baby Rambo at the other. This, until Ichiro would come off the bed to stand upright, as he once again fuck Hazel in doggy. Only this time he spreads her legs wide as she stand. It's at this point that Ichiro absolutely nails the pussy good and hard. Baby Rambo would get her again, as he fuck her in front standing side fuck. All of this, then going back to Ichiro fucking her from behind in the straightaway, and also as she has her leg propped up on the bed. They would then go over to the bed, where Ichiro would continue in the spoon position. This as Hazel would suck Rambo's cock. She and Ichiro would end up in a reverse cowgirl-like position, as Hazel lie flat on top of him. It's here, again another position which Ichiro is able to fuck her extremely hard. After this, the next position would begin as side fuck, but become missionary, as Baby Rambo handles it again. It's from the eventual missionary position, that he would go, until he cannot go anymore. This, as he eventually, goes on to fill up Hazel's pussy with his load. Ichiro would next do likewise. This, as he begins by half-straddling Hazel from the front. He eventually though, is up in a standard missionary position, where he would fuck to pussy hard until shooting a load of its own into Hazel's pink pussy. Thus, ending the scene with what is a nice double interracial creampie!
Becoming in demand in Japan's Edo period, over the years geisha have served many purposes. Such as being entertainers, relating to music and musical instruments. They were also healers, as well. This including little-known geisha called "Tere", who have a secret way of healing. Through traditional anal fucking. Naomi Togo, is one such "Tere". A luxurious woman. A healer with her hands, and body. Tortilla Suzuki, a hard-working man, has come to today for some personal healing and relaxation. Naomi has Tortilla have a seat on the mat, as she slowly get to work on his neck and shoulders, which have much tightness to them. She continuing on, until she reaches an area of his shoulders that senses very good to him. She continuing there for some time, as she massage with her hands and fingers. This continuing until she continue to unbutton Tortilla's shirt, and then his pants, as she prepares him for a full body massage. It's an action that she performs, as Tortilla lies flat on his stomach. Naomi, works up and down his back, massaging the muscles, until she arrives at a very tight area in Tortilla's lower region. Naomi's work, feeling very good to him. It would be next that. Naomi look to massage the front, as Tortilla, then repositions on his back. Naomi goes on to lightly massage his chest. This, including the grazing of his nipples, a sensation that Tortilla makes known, is quite enjoyable to him. This, prompting Naomi to ask him what he wants she to do. And what he wants Naomi to do, is to lick them. She responds to this by doing so. Going on to lightly kiss his chest, as well as to lick his nipples, just as he had asked. However, Naomi is in the business of healing of a different kind. One that includes the act of anal sex, and it's from there, that the routine massage would go on to progress to Tortilla receiving a very special brand of bodily healing. The kind that only a beautiful geisha like Naomi can provide.
Kenzie Reeves is a sly and skillful assassin, who takes down evil with no remorse. She is an assassin that works within the disguise of darkness, and it is on such a night, that she sets out to take out her recent target, the gangster Ichiro. Cloaked in the her hood, and armed with her trusty katana, Kenzie quietly infiltrates the compound of Ichiro, which has been meticulously guarded by a number of his dedicated henchmen. But, as it would be seen, these goons would serve no match for Kenzie's mastery at wit. This is as she manages to easily, and quickly take down each of them, one by one, all with her sharp blade, former to making her way inside, inching closer and closer to her target. However, before she can be undetected, whele attempting to take him down in the same motion, Ichiro is somehow able to fend her off. Now cornering his nemesis, Ichiro confronts Kenzie in a menacing manner. However, Kenzie unfazed, fights back with force, as she soon has her enemy backed away, as she takes him down on the bed. This is where she would unmask him, shortly after mounting him. She follows it up by removing his leather belt, in order to use it as a choking device. It would allow her to then get his cock out. However, when Ichiro attempts to resist, it is clear that Kenzie has no give, as she looks to punish her enemy. This giving he no other choice but to be submissive. It would be from there that Kenzie would proceed to administer a blowjob, while forcing he to look into her eyes deeply. After slobbering on the cock, she'd take time to suck on the balls, prior to teasing him, by stroking him. However, Ichiro would unexpectedly get the upper hand when he would turn the tables on Kenzie, finding what he would find her weakness, as he's next suck on her nipples, prior to targeting her pussy. He first pull at her panties and stockings up, as they are then in between her fat pussy lips. However, it would not be long before he would move said articles of clothing aside to go down on her with his mouth and tongue. Ichiro's focus changes when he would go to gaping open, and fingering her pussy deeply. It would even continue as he positions Kenzie in a piledriver position. Soon enough, he would also penetrate her with his cock, in said position as well. First, beginning in side piledriver, and then in frontal, as Kenzie has her legs spread wide. This is followed up by the doggy position next. Initially, it is Kenzie who throws her ass back on the dick. However, soon Ichiro would bring her to the edge of the bed where he would fuck her from behind. The two of them would then get to their feet, where it would be then to standing side fuck, before it is back to the straightaway doggy. The position would continue as Ichiro would lift Kenzie off the ground to slam it in deep. Following this however, we see Kenzie take some authority, as she would mount Ichiro for cowgirl. It would be from here that she would plant her feet firmly as she slam and grind herself on the cock slowly for a time, prior to leaning back and picking up the pace. After this, she reverses herself to go directly into reverse cowgirl soon after. Beginning with she bouncing on it in a split-legged position. Prior to altering her own position to throw her ass back on it. For the follow-up, Ichiro would lift Kenzie up to take her into the position of standing reverse cowgirl where he would maintain a steady pace, prior to spinning her around in the reverse position of standard standing cowgirl. It is during which that Ichiro asks Kenzie if she happens to like a merry-go-round. It would be then that he would begin to spin Kenzie around quickly in a circle. But his fun and games would not end there, as he would next continue to fuck Kenzie in the position while he next, jump up and down on the bed. She would next be on her back, as she would find herself in the spoon position next. It would last for a time with Ichiro maintaining a steady pace of in and out, before it naturally goes to a side fucking position. However, missionary is where it all would end up, as it would be the final position of the scene. Again, Ichiro keeps things steady. It lasting until Kenzie indicates that she wants he to finish on her face. And that he does, as the scene finally comes to an end with an interracial facial conclusion!
The episode opens up with Baby Rambo being rushed into the hospital emergency room, as he's near death. He is then among some concerned faces, who are concerned about his survival. However, it's due to the prompt work of Ichiro and his team, that Baby Rambo, manages to survive initially. Rambo soon enough, regains consciousness in his medical center room, as he is being watched over by the beautiful nurse, Lily Larimar. Ichiro is quite surprised by his recovery, and is quick to look over his body. Unfortunately however, the results for him are still grim. This as, Ichiro says that Rambo will soon be dying. He does not have very much longer left to live. It is a fact that Rambo overhears, and it sends him into a desperate panic. Rambo says repeatedly that he does not want to die. Although with that said, Ichiro is blunt, saying that there is nothing that they can do. It is then, that baby Rambo looks to Lily for help. He says that as he is to die, he wants she to give him one, last and final memory. This, as he proposes the idea of having sex with her before he dies. This is a proposal that catches Lily off guard, as she does not quite know how to answer. Ichiro the head doctor. Is quick to put a stop to it, saying absolutely not. However, after thinking about it, he reconsiders, only he would put himself into the mix, as well, saying that all three of them should have sex. So that is how a sexual encounter between the three of them would begin. Ichiro would go on to ask Lily about her name, saying that it is the meaning of "pure white". He even stops to say that her fingernails were such. This before making his way up her arms as he kiss them. Eventually however, the two men would go on to suck on her sensitive nipples together. They would also go on to discover her underarms, and proceed to sniff them together as well. This prior to Ichiro going down in between her legs taste her pussy. Following this however, Lily would go on to return the favor. As she would suck the cock of Ichiro. This, with it not be long before she would include the cock of Baby Rambo as well as, she would effectively trade-off on each of them one by one prior to lastly rubbing them across her nipples to stimulate them. However, Baby Rambo the patient, would get anxious as he would next take Lily from behind from the doggy position. It would be from here, that Rambo would continue with that pace that is increasing, Beginning slowly only picking up speed and firmness over time. Before long Rambo is fucking Lily hard. After the dog position Ichiro would get his chance, as Lily would saddle and ride him for the cowgirl position. It's from here, that she was bounce slowly, only momentarily being slammed down hard briefly, before reverting back to the slower pace. However, when they eventually, slightly change the positioning on the bed, Lily would once again ride hard for another brief time. Lily would remove the Ichiro's tie, and dress shirt prior to she planting her feet in order to remain stationary to allow he to fuck her. The end result would soon be a pounding, As we see Ichiro drill her hard. Baby Rambo would next once again have her in the doggy position where he would once again, go on to increasingly fuck hard. The position would even see itself going to the upright standing variety for a time. It being before Ichiro would soon take over. He would first have Lily in a modified version of doggy, while he have his feet planted on the bed as he sit upright to fuck. That however would result to a reverse cowgirl position, and then having Lily spin around for the standard cowgirl positioning, that would soon see it going to standing cowgirl, overall. It would be during this, that he would spin her around a couple of times in tornado fashion while he act additionally "psycho". It all however end up on the bed, with Ichiro on his back as the action goes to standard cowgirl once again, from the bed. This only lasting very briefly, as Ichiro would flip Lily on her back for missionary. It would begin with he thrusting forward very briefly. This, until he takes his fingers and takes notice of just how much he and Rambo have both stretched out Lily's pussy, as he pull it apart. Next up, Rambo would take over in the missionary position as he begins with the straightaway approach, only to change it up doing the push-up approach, after as he slams his cock in deep and hard for a time. After this, Ichiro would have his way with her in the doggy position. It would be here that he to work to increase his pace, going on to completely nail Lily's pussy as hard as he can, and she loves it. The position would be in the upright eventually, were Lily would squirt. After this, she would find herself at the opposite end getting the same from Rambo. This, prior to Ichiro having her in both front facing spoon as well as regular spoon, prior to the two men finding themselves straddling Lily from both ends. Ichiro, as he continues to penetrate her, and Rambo as he straddles Lily's face as she is force-fed his cock. Eventually, Ichiro is hanging upside down off the bed, as he continue to do the deed. Rambo would soon have Lily in the doggy position, as she have one knee down on the bed, and the other one, up in the air. He would also fuck Lily hard from here, as she simultaneously deep throat Ichiro. However, Ichiro would have Lily next in the missionary position, where he would soon finish. He going at a quick pace, he would fuck hard, This, until he must cum. He doing so deep inside of her. Soon enough, Baby Rambo would follow doing the exact same thing, assisting with the end as the scene concludes with a double interracial creampie finish!
Lola Fae, is a young woman who happens to have a Butler, who faithfully serves her, in Baby Rambo. She calls Rambo over to the couch, telling him that she looks to probe more, and that she is going to use him for help. However, he doesn't exactly know what she is talking about. That is until she heads to explain herself, telling that she wants to attempt out anal sex, and she wants Rambo to help her, because she says that if she doesn't try it, how does she know that she will like it? But of course, Rambo is beside himself when she proposes the idea. He is hesitant and standoffish, he wants no part in it. But as far as Lola is concerned, he will do it, and he will obey her, just as he always does. She would eventually stand Rambo of instruct him to unclothe so that she could see his penis. However, again he hesitates and so she proceeds to strip him down herself. After this she would instruct Rambo to suck on her heart-shaped nipples before making him go down on her to eat her pussy. She even makes him say "thank you", for allowing him to do so. After this she would go on to rub her ass in his face, as she bend over and shove it in. She follow this up by "waking him up" as she says. This, as she would suck and stroke his cock, until he is hard, it would be then that she would go on to climb on top to ride cowgirl. First, she would ride back and forth, as she has her feet pinned back. However, she would soon prop herself up on her left foot, as she continues to bounce. The cock going deep, and even making her squirt. It isn't long before we see Lola lying back on the couch with her legs up in the air as she instructs her Butler to stick a finger into her asshole. Rambo does so although hesitant. Lola wants him to fuck her ass, but he doesn't want to. He would first go on to again fuck her pussy, as she first makes him beg for it. From here, he would straddle the front go deep with his cock. After this, she would get anal finally in missionary, before taking it upon herself, to climb on for reverse cowgirl, as she keeps her feet planted firmly, as she bounce on the dick. After this, it would be the standard cowgirl, before it's to doggy. From the dog position Rambo would keep a steady pace, going harder, after he knows that he has made Lola cum. The final position after that, is the missionary position, he would go straightaway, before going deeper, as Lola would hold her legs up, allowing for him to even more deep. it would take some time, but eventually, he would come to climax after fucking hard and fast, and as a result, he leaving a big load deep inside of her ass. This, as the scene begins with Lola being anally creampied by her Butler, Baby Rambo. However, that would not be quite the end of things, because Lola would have further control over her Butler, as she makes him get on his knees, before she coming over to him and squirting on him!