Although they are now in Los Angeles, both Ichiro, and Baby Rambo find themselves rather confused, as we witness Ichiro wanting to carry out Harakiri, which is ritualistic shape of suicide reserved for punishment in Japan. Baby Rambo has committed a error himself, and Ichiro wants to do away with him honorably, just as they would in Japan. However, the culture is a bit mixed up. That is when Angeline Red, a magnificent lady in a kimono, happens to gratefully interrupt the ritual before it goes down. Angeline is disappointed in the men, as she reminds them that they are no longer in Japan, as the customs do not take in America. She reminds them of the blue skies of California, telling them that there is much more for them to do. This, as she urges them to go inside with her. It's there that Angeline goes on to tell them that she is of course disappointed in them. This, as she wants them to make it up to her with a special form of "payback". That being a sexual hook up between the three of them. It beginning with the two guys eventually going on to suck on Angeline's tits, with Ichiro making her way down on her. However, she would soon enough going to have the guys get out their cocks for she to suck. It would be during, this time that she would trade off on sucking both of them. In between this, Ichiro would also fuck her face. He would then go down on her pussy, as she stand on one leg, and also still work on the dick of Rambo. Ichiro would go on to straddle her face to fuck it, while Rambo goes down on her, However, when spit piles up on the shaft, Ichiro would go on to put his well-lubed cock into Angeline for missionary. It would eventually see Ichiro straddling the front to pound it in, as Rambo straddles Angeline's face. Rambo would soon get her into missionary as well. This, as she would hang upside down off of the on the couch, where Ichiro would fuck her face for a time. However, Ichiro would follow this up, but having Angeline in missionary along the back of the couch. it wouldn't be long though, until the vaginal sex would briefly turn to anal. It would be interrupted however, when Ichiro would lift her up for standing cowgirl. It's from this position, that he would fuck hard. This, prior to it going to the standard cowgirl position from the couch shortly after. This would be followed up by both men taking her into the doggy position. But, Ichiro would take it a step further, taking her into standing side fuck, before again fucking her ass from reverse cowgirl. Baby Rambo would have her next in the standard cowgirl, position only he would fuck her pussy from there. Ichiro would next have a try in lazy dog position, as he straddle Angeline's legs, as they are held tightly together. That would then go to spoon, before Baby Rambo take over in the missionary position. It's from this position that would see he pound the pussy hard, as Angeline's legs are pinned back. This would go to side fuck, before Ichiro would fuck hard next in piledriver. It before again missionary. It would be there that he fuck to cum inside of Angeline. However, things would finish up with Baby Rambo proceeding to fuck her ass from the doggy position, until he must cum too. This of course, ending the scene with Angeline having both of her holes interracially creampied!
It's after-hours at the office as Naomi Togo is all alone, previous to she being approached by Pablo Ferrari, her boss, with whom she would have an affair. Things begin rather promptly in the office, as the two engage in passionate kissing. It's during this time that Pablo is able to, pull down both Naomi's pantyhose, as well as her blue undies underneath. However it's after that, that we would see she tug at his cock, after he get it out. This would lead to she of course, deepthroating and munching on it, for a period of time. It would however, lead the two of them into the doggy position, as Naomi finds herself bent over. It's from here, that we see Pablo proceed with a steady pace. He would even be able to get deeper in, as Naomi prop her leg up on the table. This would then turn to standing side fuck briefly, prior to Pablo positioning Naomi on the table with her legs spread. He would toy with the clit here, by rubbing, and slapping his dick against Naomi's clit, prior to putting it in. It would eventually go to side fuck however, with Naomi's legs closed tightly. This position continuing, with Naomi having her back to the camera. She would briefly go on to suck Pablo off as he lie back on the table. But as things would progress, Naomi would go on to climb on to ride of course. Initially she is upright to bounce, before Pablo take over to fuck hard. It would all continue with she then planting her feet to slam down on the cock. The positions of the spoon and reverse cowgirl would follow next. Pablo would once again get his cock sucked, prior to the reverse cowgirl resuming, as Pablo sit in an office chair. We of course have some bouncing on the dick for a brief time, until things switch over to a sidesaddle position, as Pablo convinces Naomi to bounce on his cock from there. This, as Naomi has her ass pushed out toward the camera. It would continue with Naomi going back to the normal formation of the position, before things lastly go to missionary on a table. It's here that Pablo continue steady, until he builds himself up to climax. It's during this time that he holds open Naomi's pussy as he fucks it. It would not be long before he go ahead and shoots his load deep inside of her for a creampie finish. It's so deep within her, that he even has to fish it out with his fingers, as the scene soon come to a close!
Ichiro, is a businessman who has just finalized a very important contract with another In Baby Rambo. Yes, after having his very attractive secretary go over the papers to check one final time, the deal inbetween the 2 is made. This is when the generous Ichiro, heads on to ask Rambo is he must instantly comeback to Japan, or will you have time to explore LA, prior to leaving. Unfortunately, Baby Rambo informs him that he must return to Japan right away as it is his work that must obey. Ichiro thinks that this is just too bad. However, he is still determined to entertain the man even, if he must do so himself. This as he would go on to offer up to Rambo, his beautiful secretary. Kayley Gunner, is all for this. However Rambo, on the other hand, is of course,e initially hesitant. After some persuasion by Ichiro, her beauty is just too much to pass up. A sexual encounter would get underway, as the three of them report to the bedroom downstairs. It being one that would see Ichiro joining in. Once there, Ichiro would feel up Kayley's tits, and the two would kiss passionately, as Rambo watch. However, after a while Ichiro would have to force Rambo not to be nervous and to participate. This, as he drags him onto the bed by his tie. He would then participate, by going down on Kayley, as Ichiro, suck on, and play with her tits. next, Kayley would be on all fours, as she would go on to suck Ichiro's cock, as Baby Rambo would take up from underneath her, to focus on her pussy. Kayley would then go off with Rambo, as the two of them would exchange kisses, as he also feel up her tits. after this, the men would then choose to worship Kayley's body, as they would both each suck on a breast for a brief time. it's sometime after this that we see Kayley returning to suck Ichiro's cock. This would even include a round of titty fucking. But it's after this, that Kayley would return to sucking cock, as she would take the time to trade off on both men, as they are one at each side. It's after this however, that Kayley would find herself on her back. This, as she suck Ichiro off from the upside down position, while at the same time, Rambo is busy fucking her in the missionary as she encourages him, it would be here that he maintains a steady pace that was only get quicker over time. It would be then that the next eventually, because here, Kayley would have both men, first beginning with Rambo. Rambo from here, would have his time as Kayley would slam back on his cock. This, as she is then passed to Ichiro for the same treatment. But, after a brief while, the doggy with Ichiro would transform it into a modified reverse standing side fuck position, as he pins Kayley's arms back behind her to drill her part. Baby Rambo would follow this up by taking Kayley next into front standing side fuck. It lasting briefly, as we would see him next, lift her up for what would be standing cowgirl. A position that would see him fuck her hard. Ichiro, not to be outdone, would next, take her into two standing cowgirl of his own. Ichiro would place her back on the bed, before she would next straddle Rambo to ride him in reverse cowgirl. It would be here, that she would do so at a quick pace, as she pop her ass up and down on the dick. It lasting until Ichiro would next have Kayley in doggy, before she is back on Rambo for standard cowgirl next. It is from here that Kayley would bounce on the cock. At one point, Ichiro would come up from behind and assist Kayley on her bouncing. Well another moment would see her remaining stationary, as Rambo would thrust into her at a very quick pace, while she has her feet planted. This would briefly go to doggy with Ichiro, before back to cowgirl with Rambo. There is then doggy on the side of the bed as they stand with Ichiro, prior to Kayley being passed around a few times per doggy with both men. This being until Ichiro would surprise Kayley by picking her up for reverse cowgirl from there. Her legs spread wide, as Ichiro thrust into her from there. After this, Ichiro would again help out by holding her up for Rambo to fuck her in a modified version of standing cowgirl. This, before he having she once again in doggy from the bed. Ichiro himself would have Kayley in the lazy dog position followed up, closely by spoon, where he would hit the pussy hard. Following this, Baby Rambo would next return to missionary, where he would fuck at a steady pace before going hard, lasting until he must cum. He doing so deep inside of Kayley, just as she asks of him. Next, it being Ichiro's turn, as he too would have missionary, only this time, he would have Kayley's legs soon pinned back for the pounding. It continuing until Ichiro would cum inside of her as well. The scene coming to an end with Kayley properly, and interracially double stuffed!